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  1. I need information on how to setup an account with Nice
  2. If we signup for Hosting, do we take the commercial package?
  3. Do we get a web site with our own domain name or does it come after www.nice.co.za/whatever?
  4. Can I Host with NICE if I reside outside South Africa?
  5. Do we still need to be connected to a server here and then work to our domain / email at our website?
  6. What is the difference between an ISP and a Web Host?
  7. Why host our web site with NICE?
  8. Does my E-mail address change if I change my ISP?
  9. What is FTP?
  10. What is FrontPage '98 and FrontPage 2000 Extensions?

    I need information on how to set up an account with NICE.
    Signing up for web hosting can be done online.
    There is basically three steps to setup a new account.
    Step-1 * Check and see whether your domain name is still available..
    Step-2 * Register your new unique domain name. For example www.mywebsite.co.za
    Step-3 * Signup for Hosting. Hosting is the space that you rent from a Hosting Service Provider like us.


    Links to these three steps:
    Step-1 * Check your domain name: 
    Click here

    Step-2 * Register a domain name:
    Click here

    Step-3 * Signup for Hosting: 
    Click here 

    We will forward to you your details to log into your account and publish your new web site
    when your domain name is registered and you have signed up for hosting.

    If we signup for hosting, do we take the commercial account?
    I am not sure as to what kind of web site you are planning to start...
    This will depend on the size of your web site. ( Starter = 15 Mega Bytes, Advance = 25 MB etc.. )
    The complete www.nice.co.za web site is 8 MB at this stage to give you an idea...
    Other factors is the amount of emails that you need, Active Server Pages, Databases and/or CGI- access...
    My suggestion for you is to start-off with the "STARTER" package at this stage...
    You can always upgrade later as your site grows... ( Upgrading to a new package is free )

    Do we get a website with our own domain name or does it come after www.nice.co.za/whatever?
    Yes! You do get a web site with your own name!
    NICE has nothing to do with your web site.
    NO pop-up advertisements or any other details which associate your web site with ours.
    Your address will be yours and yours only.

    Only the "NICE-CUT" package has NO option to use your own domain name.

    Can I Host with NICE if I reside outside of South Africa?
    NICE offers web hosting not only to clients based in South Africa, but offers web hosting to
    individuals and businesses from all around the world. As long as you have access to the internet, we can host your site.

    Do we still need to be connected to a server here and then work to our domain/e-mail at our website?  
    NICE is not an Internet Service Provider, thus we do not offer dial-up Internet Access.
    Clients hosting with NICE, have to keep their current dial-up account with their ISP for internet access.
    NICE provides two types of email accounts, namely forwarding and POP3 accounts.
    A POP3 e-mail account is configured so that all e-mail sent to your e-mail address
    (yourname@yourdomain.co.za) is stored on our mail server and gets downloaded to your computer by configuring your e-mail client with your username & password for that address (It works just like your normal ISP e-mail account works).
    If e-mail is sent to a forwarding e-mail account, all e-mail received at that address will be forwarded to any e-mail address you specify.

    What is the difference between an ISP and a Web Host? 
    An ISP offers you dial-up access to the Internet, thus giving you the ability to browse websites, send and receive e-mail and view newsgroups. A Web Hosting Company provides advanced e-mail services (e-mail addresses like user@yourdomain.co.za) and hosts private and corporate websites. As hosting companies solely deal with all aspects of web hosting, they are in a better position than ISP's to provide you with all the various services and backup support that are required to make a fully functional web site presence. In addition, the cost to host your website with a web hosting company is substantially lower than hosting with an ISP.

    Why host your website with NICE. 
    Because NICE is not an ISP focused on providing dial-up connections, we focus all our attention on hosting which in turn ensures your website will load FASTER than it would with any local ISP. An ISP looses most of its bandwidth due to the fact that its dial-up users are connected to their network and browse the Internet, which in turn leads to the depletion of bandwidth. As more and more bandwidth is used your site will begin to start loading slower and slower. NICE does not have dial-up users, so we therefore can concentrate all our bandwidth on our clients websites to ensure that they load super-fast. 

    Does my E-mail Address change if I change my ISP? 
    When you change from one ISP to another you do not have to change your e-mail accounts that are provided by NICE. Your POP3 accounts will not get affected at all, and if you are making use our our e-mail forwarding feature we simply update our forwarding system to forward your e-mail to your new e-mail account with your new ISP.

    What is FTP? 
    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a protocol which allows you to send and receive files over the Internet. This is the most common way of maintaining your website and uploading new files to your site. FTP is available in MS-Dos as a command line driven program, or you can download a graphical FTP program which makes uploading & downloading with FTP as easy as point-and-click. Download a free FTP program from http:///www.tucows.co.za 

    What are FrontPage '98 and FrontPage 2000 Extensions?
    FrontPage '98 and FrontPage 2000 Extensions is a special set of programs installed on our web server which enables the authoring of your website DIRECTLY from within MS FrontPage 98 or 2000 program. Once you have designed your website using FrontPage you simply push the 'publish' button in FrontPage Explorer, enter your domain name as well as your username & password when prompted. Your changes will automatically be sent to the server - and only changed pages are re-uploaded, thus saving you time. You can also edit your pages directly off our server by opening your web (your domain name) and supplying your username & password. Saving pages in FrontPage Editor results in the page being saved directly to the server.
     If there were no FrontPage Extensions on the server, you would not be able to perform these tasks.


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